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VAT-free silverVAT-rules for silver

Legal tender silver is levied with VAT in most EU countries. Silver coins being legal tender such as Silver EaglesSilver Maples and Silver Philharmonics bought from Estonia are not levied with VAT. If you would like to invest in silver and live in the EU, Liberty Silver Estonia can offer you to buy silver for one of the lowest prices in Europe.

There are only a few other jurisdictions in Europe, except for Estonia, that don't levy silver coins with VAT. One of them is Norway. It is however not possible to import silver coins from Norway to the EU without paying VAT. 

VAT-free silver coins

Liberty Silver Estonia delivers all silver coins in Estonia free of VAT. It is however possible to order shipping

If Liberty Silver Estonia would ship the silver coins directly, Liberty Silver would be bound by Article 34 of the EC-guideline 2006/112/EC and the therein established quotas which limit the international sales of VAT-liable goods. This guideline is, however, only applicable when we ship the goods to our clients. The quotas do therefore not apply when the goods are being collected personally or when the buyer instructs a courier service to collect and ship the products on the customers' behalf.

VAT-free silver coins vs. silver rounds

It is only silver coins that have the status as legal tender that are free of VAT. American Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maples, Australian Lunar Series, Australian Silver Koalas, Australian Kookaburras, Austrian Silver Philharmonics, Fiji Taku, Canadian Wildlife Series are all examples of silver coins that you can buy without VAT from Liberty Silver Estonia. Silver rounds and Silver bars are not exempt from VAT.

If you invest in silver, it is advantageous to buy silver coins with high recognition. Silver Eagles are the most renowned and most minted silver coin in the world. Silver Maples are the second most minted silver coin with Silver Philharmonics the most minted silver coin in Europe. 

Even if you intend to buy silver bars, you may want to consider VAT free silver coins even though they might have a slightly larger premium above the spot price before accounting for the VAT. Legal tender silver coins bought from Liberty Silver Estonia will be significantly cheaper than buying silver bars or silver rounds with VAT.

Silver coins bought from other countries

If you live in the EU, it is much preferable to buy silver coins from Estonia than from other European countries. It has been popular to buy silver coins with low VAT from Germany or silver coins without VAT from Norway. When you invest in silver, it is important to take delivery of the silver. If you buy silver coins in Norway, you have to store the silver coins in Norway or import them to the EU and pay import VAT when importing the silver coins. If you buy silver coins from Germany, you still have to pay VAT even though it is lower than in many other countries. 

You can invest in silver by buying silver coins from Liberty Silver Estonia regardless of where you live. Even though all deliveries are made formally in Estonia, you can instruct our preferred shipping partner GBS Logistics or any other shipping company to ship your silver coins anywhere in the world.

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