Buy silver from Germany

Buy silver coins from GermanySilver coins bought from Germany

Silver coins bought from Germany being legal tender such as Silver Eagles, Silver Maples and Silver Philharmonics are levied with lower VAT than silver coins bought from many other European countries. It has therefore been popular to buy legal tender silver coins from Germany. There is however no VAT at all for silver coins bought in Estonia as opposed to Germany.

VAT-free silver coins from Liberty Silver Estonia

You can buy silver without VAT from Liberty Silver Estonia. It is therefore cheaper to buy silver coins from Liberty Silver Estonia than from Germany. You may also order shipping to have your silver coins shipped to your home address.

It is only silver coins that have the status as legal tender that are free of VAT in Estonia. American Silver Eagles, Canadian Silver Maples, Australian Lunar Series, Australian Silver Koalas, Australian Kookaburras, Austrian Silver Philharmonics, Fiji Taku, Canadian Wildlife Series are all examples of silver coins that you can buy without VAT from Liberty Silver Estonia. Silver rounds and Silver bars are not exempt from VAT.

Invest in silver 

There are a number of factors that are important to consider when investing in silver. First of all, it is important to remember to take physical delivery of the silver. A lot of the paper silver solutions such as unallocated accounts, futures, ETF:s and mutual funds don't own or don't possess the amount of silver equal to what people have invested. The unallocated paper solutions may trade paper silver or may only have fractional backing of physical silver.

When investing and trading in silver, it is important to select a well-known product that can be easily identified and easily traded. Both silver bars and silver coins from renowned sources may be good options. Whether to choose silver bars or silver coins is an important question.  We generally recommend silver coins rather than silver bars since:

- Silver coins can be bought in Estonia without VAT.
- Silver coins are more suitable in a scenario where precious metals return as money. 

- Small units of silver coins carry higher premiums when shortages appear.
- Silver coins can be sold or consumed individually. 
- The spread between the buy and sell price is lower for silver coins than for silver bars. 
- Silver coins are common around the world and there is a good second hand market for silver coins. 

Where to buy silver?

You have to make sure that you can take possession of your silver. In many countries such as Germany and Norway, it might not be possible for the selling company to ship your silver to your home address since it may be considered as an import where you have to pay import VAT on the silver. When you buy silver from e.g. Germany or Norway, you often have to store the silver with a third party or travel to collect the silver yourself without any insurance. 

When you buy silver coins from Liberty Silver Estonia, you can instruct a shipping company to ship the silver to your home address with full insurance

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