Shipping & Personal Collection in Estonia

Products ordered from Liberty Silver OÜ can be delivered to your delivery address when you book shipping with GBS Logistics or instruct a courier to collect the products on your behalf.

The products are however delivered in Estonia. This means that you have to book shipping separately. Mail order businesses are subject to Article 34 of the EC-guideline 2006/112/EC and the therein established quotas which limit the international sales of VAT-liable goods. This guideline is, however, only applicable when we ship the goods to our clients. The quotas do therefore not apply when the goods are being collected personally or when the buyer instructs a courier service to collect and ship the products on the customers' behalf.

We have simplified the shipping process so that it is easy and straightforward. Just follow the steps detailed below.

Shipping with GBS Logistics

The video below is an instructional video of how to order silver coins from Liberty Silver with shipping from GBS Logistics.  

Simply follow the below steps to have your products delivered to your desired delivery address. 

1. Place the desired products in the shopping cart and proceed to the checkout page. Select "Shipping with GBS Logistics" on the checkout page. You can see the indicated price for shipping with GBS Logistics on the checkout page before placing the order. 

2. When you confirm your order, you will be transferred to an order confirmation page. Click on the button "Book Shipping here" to proceed to the booking form for shipping.  

3. Book shipping with GBS Logistics by filling in your delivery address and confirm the booking.

4. You will receive a separate order confirmation for the shipping from GBS Logistics.

5. Arrange with payment for the products to Liberty Silver and arrange with payment for the shipping charge to GBS Logistics.

6. A payment confirmation will be e-mailed from Liberty Silver as soon as Liberty Silver has received your payment. A payment confirmation from GBS Logistics will likewise be e-mailed as soon as GBS Logistics has received the payment for the shipping charge.

7. The products will be made accessible for GBS Logistics to collect as soon as Liberty Silver has received the payment.

8. GBS Logistics will collect the products and send to your delivery address as soon as GBS Logistics has received your payment. GBS Logistics will e-mail you the tracking numbers for all parcels as soon as they have been issued.

Please note that Liberty Silver OÜ can not respond to questions about shipping as there is no partnerships between Liberty Silver OÜ and any shipping company.

Personal Collection

You may also choose to collect your products personally at our storage facility in Tallinn in Estonia. In order to arrange for personal collection of an order, please follow these steps.

1. Place your order for personal collection by selecting "Personal collection in Estonia" in the checkout. You will receive an order confirmation with payment details when you have confirmed your order.

2. Arrange for payment prior to the collection.

3. Await Liberty Silvers payment confirmation sent via e-mail. 

4. Give notice to our customer service at least three working days prior to the desired date of collection. 

5. Liberty Silver will confirm the collection date and e-mail you the details of the collection procedure. 

6. Bring the ID with you when arriving to the collection address and collect the products.

7. The personal collection option is available only for the orders starting from EUR3000.00 (or the equivalent of another currency) and higher. 

It is generally possible to collect products Monday to Friday between 9:30-17 EET. Make sure that we have confirmed your collection date before making travel arrangements. Please note that the risk passes over to you as soon as the products are handed over. 

Shipping with other courier

If you wish to use any other shipping company than GBS Logistics, select "Shipping with other courier" in the checkout and contact us via e-mail of which courier service you have instructed. Please allow a minimum of three business days in between the payment confirmation and booked collection date. Please note that the cost of collection needs to be covered by yourself and that the risk is transferred to you as soon as the products are handed over to the courier.


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