Austrian Gold Philharmonic - 1 oz 2016

Austrian Gold Philharmonic - 1 oz 2016
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Produced by Austrian Mint.

Gold Philharmonics have been produced since 1989. For the years 1989-2001 the denomination of the coins were 2000 Schilling. After the Euro was installed, the coins changed denomination in 2002 to 100 Euro.

Gold Philharmonics are generally minted in the sizes of 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz. 

More information about the coin can be found on Austrian Mints homepage.

Gold Philharmonics depicts the classic Austrian theme of the famed Philharmonics orchestra.

1 oz Gold Philharmonics are legal tender with 100 Euro. (2000 Schilling 1989-2001)

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Country Production Year Diameter Thickness Proof Fine Weight
Austria 2016 37 mm 2 mm .9999 1 troy oz (31.1 gram)


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