American Silver Eagle - 1 oz 2013

American Silver Eagle - 1 oz 2013
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Produced by United States Mint.

Silver Eagles are the most minted and most popular silver bullion coin in the world. Silver Eagles have been minted since 1986. Silver Eagles have the classic design reproduced from the Walking Liberty half-dollar introduced in 1917. The symbolism of the eagle and the shield depicts American strength and freedom.

The content and weight of the Silver Eagles are officially guaranteed by the US government. Being the most recognized silver bullion coin around the world, the Silver Eagle is suitable for anyone that wish to invest or diversify in real money i.e. precious metals. 

When you buy Silver Eagles VAT-free from Liberty Silver Estonia, you will receive much more silver for your money than when you buy other types of silver coins, silver rounds or silver bars from countries with VAT.

Silver Eagles are legal tender with USD $1.

For more information, read United States Mint official leaflet about the coin found here.

Individual coins are delivered in coin envelopes, orders in increments of 20 are delivered in mint tubes and orders in increments of 500 are delivered in monster boxes.

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Country Production Year Diameter Thickness Proof Fine Weight
USA 2013 40.6 mm 2.98 mm .999 1 troy oz (31.1 gram)


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