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Delivery from Liberty Silver OÜ

Q: How does it work with shipping?

A: Products ordered from Liberty Silver OÜ can be delivered to your delivery address when you book shipping with GBS Logistics. Alternatively, you may instruct a courier to collect the products on your behalf. The products are however formally delivered in Estonia. This means that you have to book shipping separately. The reason for this is that Liberty Silver OÜ would otherwise have to register and pay local VAT in the countries where products were delivered. Read more about shipping and personal collection here or watch our instruction video here. 

Q: How do I book and pay for shipping with GBS Logistics?

A: You select "Shipping with GBS Logistics" on the checkout page and follow this guide.

Q: How can I find out the cost of shipping with GBS Logistics?

A: GBS Logistics supplies the customer with indicative shipping prices that are displayed on the checkout page. Simply place your desired products in the shopping cart and go to the checkout page to see the indicative shipping cost for your products.

Q: How do I collect my products directly in Estonia?

A: Select "Personal Collection in Estonia" if you would like to collect the products yourself in Estonia. Follow this guide to collect products in Estonia. There is no collection fee for personal collection. The personal collection option is available only for the orders starting from EUR3000.00 (or the equivalent of another currency) and higher.


Buying from Liberty Silver OÜ

Q: How do I buy products from Libety Silver OÜ?

A: Follow this guide step by step to place your order. To summarise, place your desired products in the shopping cart, go to the checkout, select payment option and delivery option, confirm the purchase and pay for your products. You can select whether to have your products shipped to your delivery address with GBS Logistics, to collect your products personally or to instruct a courier to collect the products on your behalf. You can follow the order process from ordering to delivery since we send you e-mail updates with your order confirmation, payment confirmation and confirmation of dispatching the products to the shipping company. 

Q: Do I need to open an account to place an order with you?

A: No, you don't need an account to order products from us. If you place items in the shopping cart and proceed to the checkout without logging in, you can simply fill in your customer details before checking out your products. The advantage with opening an account is that you have an overview of previous orders and can follow up orders more easily.

Q: I am not satisfied with the design or appearance of my product. Can I have it replaced?

A: Please note that we sell bullion products. Bullion products are produced for investment and can have small defects like scratches or dots. We will not replace products in normal bullion condition. 

Q: What is the difference between the different availabilty statuses "In Stock", "In Transit", "On Demand" and "Temporary out of stock"?

A: If a product is listed as "In Stock", it is available in stock and can be released for delivery as soon as we have received your payment. If a product is listed as "In Transit", the product is ordered by Liberty Silver OÜ and on its way to us. If a product is listed as "On Demand", the product is available from our supplier but has not been sent from the supplier to us yet. You can place orders on products that are listed as "In Transit" or "On Demand". If the product is listed as "Temporary out of stock", it is currently not possible to place orders for that product. 

Q: Do you sell products that you don't have in stock.

A: Yes, occasionally but we always ensure that the products are ordered by us (listed as "In Transit") or available from our supplier (listed as "On Demand"). We only sell physical metal with full allocation and do not sell or intend to sell metal that is not fully physically allocated.

Q: How can I store my products?

A: It is up to you as a customer how you store your products. Some choose to store in a bank vault, some choose to store in a safe and others store after their own imagination.

Q: Do you have any minimum or maximum order amount?

A: No

Q: Can I cancel an order?

A: Orders on precious metals are binding and there are no cancellation rights. This is due to the volatility of the precious metals market that is outside of our control.



Q: When do I need to send the payment for my order?

A: You must send the payment no later than the next business day after which you placed the order. If you place your order on a Friday, you must thus initiate the payment no later than the following Monday.

Q: I have ordered products with availability status "In Transit" or "On Demand". When do I need to pay for these?

A: The payment must likewise be sent no later than the next business day.

Q: What happens if the price of my ordered products fluctuates before they are delivered?

A: The price is locked in at the time of the order placement. No charges will be added afterwards.

Q: What happens if I don't pay for my order?

A: An administration fee plus a fee for any market development negative to Liberty Silver is charged and invoiced.

About Liberty Silver OÜ

Q: Why do you sell silver coins to international customers in Estonia?

A: Silver coins which are legal tender are not levied with VAT/Sales tax in Estonia which makes it beneficial to buy the coins in Estonia.

Q: Who are behind Liberty Silver Oü?

A: The shares are privately held. The majority of the shares are owned by Liberty Holding OÜ. The people behind Liberty Silver OÜ have previously operated several precious metals companies including Swedish Liberty Silver AB and Estonian Silvercash OÜ.

Q: Where is Liberty Silver OÜ located?

A: We are registered in Estonia at the following address:

Liberty Silver OÜ
Rakvere 5a
41531 Jõhvi

Q: How can I trust that Liberty Silver will deliver my products?

A: The precious metal companies that the founders of Liberty Silver OÜ have operated have thousands of satisfied customers. Liberty Silver OÜ is operated on ideological basis since the people behind the company advocates the use of precious metals as money. The customer can also follow each step of the order process for maximal transparency.

Q: Why should I buy products from Liberty SIlver OÜ?

A: Legal tender silver coins are free of VAT/Sales tax in Estonia. It is therefore considerably cheaper to buy silver coins in Estonia compared to most other European countries. The people behind Liberty Silver OÜ have vast experience from the precious metals industry. The company is furthermore operated by people with extensive knowledge about precious metals.


Questions regarding products

Q: How can I be sure that the products actually contain precious metals?

A: Liberty Silver only uses well known and trusted suppliers and manufacturers. The manufacturer guarantees the authenticity of the product through the stamping, which also specifies weight and purity. Liberty Silver also guarantees authenticity and purity. It is also possible to test the level of purity using different testing solutions.

Q: Is a certificate of authenticity included?

A: The manufacturer certifies the authenticity with the stamp on the products. This constitutes the manufacturers guarantee of purity and weight. Most products are delivered without any separate paper certificate.

Q: How much is a troy ounce?

A: One troy ounce is an imperial unit of weight, corresponding to 31.1 grams in the metric system.

Q: What does "fine weight" mean?

A: The fine weight is the weight of the actual precious metal. Most silver coins have a fine weight of 99.9 % or 99.99 % which means that the fine weight is just below the total weight. 

Q: Why is a silver coin of 1 oz more expensive than the spot-price of silver?

A: Liberty Silver Oü only offers government approved silver coins which are legal tender. This is because only legal tender silver coins are exempted from VAT/sales tax in Estonia. Government minted silver coins are generally more expensive than privately minted coins.

Q: Are the silver coins sold by Liberty Silver OÜ legal tender?

A: Yes, all silver coins sold by Liberty Silver OÜ are legal tender.

Miscellaneous questions

Q: What does "bullion" mean?

A: Bullion means that a coin or bar is manufactured for investment in precious metal, as opposed to a coin minted and used by its face value. It should be noted that bullion coins are also different from collection coins in this regard.

Q: What does "spot price" mean?

A: The spot price is the price set on the commodity exchanges.

Q: What does "premium" mean?

A: The spot price of precious metals does not correspond to the price of physical products. The difference between the spot price and the retail price is called the premium. 


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