Liberty Silver's affiliate program

Are you interested in marketing VAT-free silver coins online? 


- Earn commission by referring customers
- Refer both from your own sites and generally online
- Follow commission earned online in real-time 24/7
- Redeem commission any time.

There are vast opportunities since Liberty Silver isn't actively marketing its products in many European countries where there's VAT for silver.

You can either market Liberty Silver by posting links and banners on a website you own or online generally in e.g. forums or blog comments. 

If you run a blog, website, forum, news site or similarly, we will log your site in our affiliate system. You don't even need any tracking information in the link to since our system will detect when a customer is referred from your site.

If you market Liberty Silver by posting links online on sites which you don't own yourself e.g. in forums and blogs, you will get a tracking link so that we can detect that the customer is referred by you. You can of course combine the two methods by marketing Liberty Silver both on sites you own and generally online.

You can follow all commission online under "Affiliate" in real time and request a redemption at any time. 

We believe that our affiliate system is the most sophisticated in the bullion industry worldwide. By using a modern affiliate system marketing VAT-free silver, you can't go wrong. The opportunities are overwhelming!  

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